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How Cooperatives Are Driving the New Economy
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As we roll out , please visit our fundraising site,  PAIRINGS , and consider using its services.

This is a fledgling project launched by the Bay Area Wine SocietyThe domain .coop  became operational as a sponsored top level domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet.  It is intended for the use of cooperatives, wholly owned subsidiaries, and other organizations that exist to promote or support cooperatives.

Our intent is to create events and an online wine club that features ecofriendly wines primarily utilizing the network of other cooperatives and food stores to alert their members to our excellent vino. And the more cooperators who indicate their desire to purchase particular wines, the greater the reduction in price (see ~Group Buying~ page). 
is a non-profit venture owned by its members.  We seek to become the micro 'consumers choice' alternative to the mighty whose portfolio of wines are  "hand-picked by our staff of experienced buyers!"  

No experts ("curators") choose the wines we will be featuring. Instead, we will rely on our members, i.e., regular wine drinkers--people who purchase wine for Tuesday night dinner or for a special occasion--to make up our monthly tasting panels.  Members will select a limited number of special wines from California's small, sustainable, family owned wineries that have limited exposure and availability in the marketplace.  (see 'Events' page). 

As a consumer cooperative, income that would normally go to a store owner or producer only, online or offline, now goes to the members in the form of more significant discounts.
Online buyers co-ops are beginning to take off.  Check out this article which mentions the role of 

This video provides an excellent overview of what one community, Richmond California, is doing to create worker cooperatives. [Here's more info on the Spanish network of cooperatives, Mondragon, which has created 100,000 jobs and has the lowest unemployment rate in Spain by 300%]

How to utilize the most cost effective outreach techniques

And this video underscores the advantages of the co-op model.

Further information on the co-op model and its advantages can be found on our blog . Or contact us at

Our new facebook Group Page will have links on other cooperative programs around the country.

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